Service & Communication

We believe that true success in the real estate business is measured by the level of service we provide our buyer and seller clients. If we focus on providing the best service, communication and keeping our clients goals first, every time, then success for everybody is sure to be the result.


JALEX has been in business since 2007 in Shippensburg and we have sold literally a 1000 plus local homes and properties since that time.  There are numerous stories that can be share, lessons that have been learned, buyers and sellers that we have assisted along the way.  Not to mention the real estate agents that have started with JALEX and found successful careers and that are still doing well in the business to this day.  We are fortunate to be a part of so many success stories and those experiences are what makes us the best local choice when you need help buying or selling your home.

We Care

Caring about what we do and who we do it for is of upmost importance and it’s really the most important thing we expect from our agents. If you care about what you do and you have a passion for it, then you will strive to be the best you can be. You will make the choices that result in being knowledgeable and competent. You will put the work in to be the best. You’ll take the extra steps and look for opportunities to stand apart from other Realtors. And most importantly, when you genuinely care about your clients and customers and you treat them the way you would expect to be treated then success is the sure result