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Pricing Your Home

Our process involves a very thorough pricing analysis because taking the time to do so can mean the difference between an additional 5-10 or 20 thousand dollars to you. So, when you are selling the most important asset your family has it’s crucial that you partner with an experienced and local professional that will do the research and recommend the right price. We can provide you with a free custom evaluation for your home or property, including comparisons to other homes that have recently sold or are on the market, so you have the most accurate information available.

Preparing for Sale

Our process includes assisting our clients who are preparing to sell with planning, picking the ideal date, researching, and knowing the local market conditions, the competition and identifying average time to sell and prices similar properties are selling for. We will visit you and your property and help in determining what needs done and what you shouldn’t do. We work with and can recommend reputable local Contractors including painters, landscapers, handymen, professional photographers and others who can help get your property ready and showing it’s best.

Staging Your Home

Every home is unique just as every buyer has a uniqueness of their own. We will help you assess your unique home or property and offer our best advice and tips based on years of experience and hundreds of local homes sold.

Negotiating Offers

Negotiation is key to getting you the best possible results in your real estate transaction. Here are 10 essential skills that we utilize daily in an on-going effort to be the best that we can be. Reading people, listening, building relationships, always being fair, being knowledgeable, being assertive when needed, never getting too excited, knowing the business – being competent, knowing when to walk away and always having a contingency plan. As experienced real estate negotiators with years of local experience, we know that the key to a successful negotiation is understanding our strengths and weaknesses and those of the other parties involved and knowing how to use this knowledge to create opportunity for gain.

Closing the Sale

Our process includes more than just preparation, education and putting your house on the market with a sign in the yard. That’s just the beginning of an on-going partnership with specific tasks and steps that we take to ensure that you are informed, that your property receives the best offer and terms available and that we do our best to assist you with a seamless, stress-free progression from the contract to the closing.

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